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Colorado State University - Men's Lacrosse
Colorado State University - Men's Lacrosse


The CSU Prospect Camp will be held on the campus of Colorado State University. Practices and games will occur on the intramural fields located in the heart of campus.

The fields are a short walk from the dorms and dining, but counselors will always accompany the recruits for these walks. All of the fields are within “throwing” distance of each other, making it easy for the staff to stay in constant communication.

Recruits will stay in Edwards Hall, located adjacent to the dining hall and intramural fields. There are two players per room. Roommates can be requested. We are also willing and able to set-up roommates as the campers come in and meet one another. We always have a strong ratio of recruit/counselor numbers in the dorm to ensure safety and support.

Meals are covered in the cost of registration. Recruits will be allotted three meals throughout the day in Ram’s Horn Dining Center, directly adjacent to where the Edwards Hall.

Recruits will also have access to the CSU Student Recreation Center during camp. Swimming, weightlifting, basketball and racquetball are all options for campers during break periods.